Dulce Domingos

Professor Auxiliar

Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências,
Departamento de Informática

Coordenadora do Mestrado em Segurança Informática


Member of the research group GLOSS at the research unit LASIGE (Large-Scale Informatics Systems Laboratory).



  • present projects
    • PaIS - Partnership in Information Security (eramus+ strategic project)
    • PATI - Internet of Things Aware business Processes
    • Epiwork - Developing the framework for an epidemic forecast infrastructure
  • past projects
    • WorkSCo - Workflow with Separation of Concerns
    • Pastramy - Persistent and highly Available Software TRansactional MemorY
    • ICE-TEL - Interworking Public Key Certification Infrastruture for Europe


Main Research Interests

  • Internet of Things
    • Support for Internet of Things aware business processes
  • Adaptive business processes
    • Definition and enactment tools to support ad-hoc changes of business processes
    • Supply chain management
  • Information security
    • Access control models, systems and applications
    • Access control policies with delegation and amplification of rights
    • Frameworks that support the separation of the access control concern
    • Data sanitization for simulation tools